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Safety is YOUR responsibility
The methods and materials involved in any form of metalcasting operation are VERY hazardous.
Educate yourself on the proper safety precautions before attempting any metalcasting operations:
1. Wear eye protection, gloves, spats  see the full list

The following gives a brief and somewhat sketchy description on how to build your own furnace for metal casting. The first picture in a series of three shows my lid. I have used for years a smaller furnace that will handle up to an A16 crucible (from a 12 gal drum), but needed a larger furnace from time to time. So, what you will be seeing is made from a 55 gal. oil drum. But, the ideas apply equally to larger or smaller drums ... read more


Body CastingThis is a complicated subject, and the results depend on a lot of variables. If live models are involved, there are also safety issues. Obviously, all I can do here is give you a few pointers, not a complete class on the subject... more


New Zealand foundry supplies

Institute of British Foundrymen

American Foundrymen's Society

Materials Database

Casting Technology New Zealand Inc.

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